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I am an American 07/25/2009

Posted by Hotonis in Uncategorized.

I know this is not a very long post, but this is something that has begun to creep into my mind more and more often. What is America? I know that we say we stand for freedom and justice, but is that what we stand for?
I am an American, but what does that mean. Does it mean that I believe that our country does everything correctly? Does it mean that I will support my government in everything that is done?
The answer to these questions is NO!!!
When I say I am an American, I mean I believe that I can decide what is best for my family. It means that I do not need the government to tell me what I should or should not do. It means that I will not let others be blinded by what is happening. It means that I can do what I believe is right and best for me and my family. And there is not a thing that the government can do to keep me from doing what I believe is right.

I will be free from government, and free from those that wish to control my life.  Because I am an American!



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