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Obama to Address Public Schools 09/07/2009

Posted by Hotonis in Uncategorized.

Obama plans to address public schools across the nation tomorrow, and this frightens me.  One of the reasons this frightens me is because of the assignments many of the teachers in these schools are required to be handing out.  Things like “How do you think President Obama will inspire you today?”  is just one example of a scary topic.  If I were to try to write an answer to that ridiculous question, I would probably write about how President Obama will probably be trying to convince me that he is right about everything, and that he will push is extreme left-wing views on me and my classmates.

I am worried for these students, because they may not have anywhere to turn towards.  The students that do not want to watch the speech will probably be punished, and those that do not want to watch it but do anyways,  will be punished for not being inspired.  How can this be viewed as a good thing for schools in any sense?

I will be watching the speech tomorrow, and I will not let any single word he says be taken light heartedly.  I encourage everyone that reads this to be sure to do the same.

The truth must prevail, or lies will take us over.




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