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Indoctrination of the Young: Obama – King of Rock? 11/04/2009

Posted by Leona Dawnfire in Obama.
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As I said in my previous post, there are so many videos, so much propaganda, and so much WRONG in the videos – it is extremely disturbing.

This is the indoctrination of the young – and it’s bad. Very bad. This is how indoctrination happened in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and how it still happens in North Korea.

As an example of one of these disturbing videos:

(Much of the song in this video is very warped lyrics of the original.)

Here are the lyrics of the song, with a little commentary of my own:

“Barack Obama, there is none higher.
Other politicians should call me sire.
To burn my kingdom, you must use fire.
I create change til I retire!”

“There is none higher” than Barack Obama. Really? He isn’t the Messiah, nor God, nor the king of the world. He is our President for now. He has the high-paying job of commander-and-chief. That does not make him higher than EVERYONE.

“To burn my kingdom, you must use fire.” Ahem. No. America, and the world, is not your kingdom, Obama. America is a collection of FREE and SOVEREIGN states with Republican governments. Read up on the Constitution.

“I create change til I retire!” What kind of change? Not mine.

“Democratic party come correct.
Our cuts are on time and rhymes connect.
Got the right to vote and will elect.
Others can’t feel us but give us respect.”

All right, now this school is promoting, not just a skewed (and screwed-up) ideology of Obama being king of everything, but a specific party. That in itself is disturbing.

“Now I walked through crowds, shook many hands.
Spent my time saying, “Yes we can!”
Stood on many stages, held many mics,
Took airplane flights at great heights.

Pennsylvania, Jersey, won that fight.
Chicago Illinois was so hype.
Moving so strong Biden joined the fight.
Now we are a team and we ignite!”

Ignite our tax money, judging by how fast they are losing it….

“Now I crash through walls, cut through floors,
Burst through ceilings, knock down doors.
He is George and I’m Turan,
We’re never far behind,
In class we shine!
For every living person with dreams and plans,
Keep hope alive –
Think “Yes we can!””

More and more hype. Grades and school is suddenly the measure of how you are doing in life.

“We’re the baddest of the bad,
Coolest of the cool,
I’m Barack I rock and roll
I’m Joe I rock and roll.

It’s not trick or treat or April Fool’s,
It’s all brand new with a little old school!

We’ve got music and the message for all my friends
Check us out on the internet, load and send.
Music ain’t nothing but a people’s jam.
It’s President Obama rocking with the band!”

What do you think?





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