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The Indoctrination Intensifies and Spreads 11/04/2009

Posted by Leona Dawnfire in Obama.
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There are so many videos, so much propaganda, and so much WRONG in the videos at these links that I have no idea what to say. These are children, elementary school to high school, that are learning Obama’s propaganda as truth in their schools.

Watch the videos for yourself and think about what they are saying.



Some of these songs are implying that God himself sent Obama to save us. Some of these songs imply – and even say – that Obama IS, essentially, God or the Lord Jesus.

This is the indoctrination of the young – and it’s bad. Very bad. This is how indoctrination happened in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and how it still happens in North Korea.

Worried yet?

I am going to go through some of the videos in more detail in separate posts.



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