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School out of control 11/23/2009

Posted by Hotonis in Government, Personal, school, Schools.

This has to be the first time in my experience that I am fully agreeing with something the ACLU is doing.


Smith-Green Community School Corporation and Churubusco High School Principal Austin Couch suspended two indiana teenagers athletic privileges for putting racy pictures of themselves on Myspace.

According to the school district policy they violated the terms of their athletic agreement.

The two teenagers have apparently gotten a lawyer from the American Civil Liberties Union, and are now suing the school district for violating the first amendment.  I say more power to them, and this is why.

The public school system has gotten out of hand.  From my personal experience, the school interferes with things that are not within their jurisdiction.  My evidence is from what was done to me.  I was sent to a mental institution for becoming suicidal (btw I was on Topamax a drug for migraines in which it was recently released that it is prone to causing people to become suicidal) , and then before I could return to the school, rumors were created that I was planning on my own school shootout.  I was suspended from all school activities for three weeks.  A bit harsh right?

I sent my complaints to the school board, and was refused any type of hearing to get me back in school.  When I contacted them, they would not give me a moment to plead my case and just told me to contact my principal and work through her.  When I talked to my principal, I found out that it is not considered a suspension because they assigned me a homebound teacher.  I will say that I got along with this teacher, but she was trained to teach homebound kids from middle school.  She had no experience in any of the subjects I was taking because I was taking all higher level courses, AP courses, and duel enrollment through the community college.

I was not allowed to attend class for a total of three weeks after I was in an institution for a week mostly because of a migraine medication I was on.  This was becoming absolutely ridiculous.  I was never able to improve on my grades in my physics class, so I finished the year with a D+ because there were some vital concepts that I was never able to understand that my teacher went over while I was out of class.  I had to drop AP European history because of inability to work with the teacher.  Because of these two grades dropping, I was not able to stay in Beta Club that would have given me a very good scholarship to the college I am at now.  I lost a very good friend of mine because I said things during the time that I was suicidal that I still wish I could take back.  I was unable to be a part of any of my senior year band competitions because of the timing I was out of class.

All this because of a medication, and an administration refusing to hear my case.  There must be something done about this system.  Anyone who reads this hear my plea.

The government has got to get out of our schools, or else more people are going to end up like I did.  Petition the government to redress grievances in our schools.



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