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Veteran Ordered to Remove American Flag or Face Eviction 05/26/2010

Posted by Leona Dawnfire in Freedom.
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An Army veteran in Wisconsin will be allowed to display an American flag until Memorial Day, but the symbol honoring his service in Iraq and Kosovo must come down next Tuesday, his wife told FoxNews.com.

Dawn Price, 27, of Oshkosh, Wis., said she received a call from officials at Midwest Realty Management early Wednesday indicating that she and her husband, Charlie, would be allowed to continue flying the American flag they’ve had in their window for months through the holiday weekend. The couple had previously been told they had to remove the flag by Saturday or face eviction due to a company policy that bans the display of flags, banners and political or religious materials.

“It’s basically an extension so we can fly the flag on Memorial Day,” Price told FoxNews.com. “It does need to come down after that.”

Charlie Price, 28, served tours of duty as a combat engineer in Iraq and Kosovo, his wife said. To honor his eight years of service, she began decorating their apartment during Veterans Day in November. An American flag topped off the display, she said.

“I knew it made Charlie really proud to see that,” she said. “And this isn’t something new. This has been up for quite some time now.”

Veterans’ groups were furious at the realtors’ refusal to allow the flag to fly.

“As a veteran, it sickens me that the Dawn and Charlie Price’s building management company would imply that the American flag could be construed as offensive by their residents,” said Ryan Gallucci, a spokesman for AmVets.

“We’re talking about our most revered national symbol. This is insulting to anyone who has defended our flag honorably, like Charlie Price.”

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This greatly disappoints me. How could a veteran displaying the American flag be offensive or harmful to others in the American community? Apparently risking your life overseas and wishing to show patriotism for the country which you served is suddenly offensive.

It is an American flag. You know, the Stars and Stripes? Being displayed in the home of a veteran of the Iraq war, honoring his country and his service to said country? What is America coming too?

Headline after headline continues to shock, disappoint, and confound me in this strange age of America.





1. Mike - 05/27/2010

As a former apartment manager, I can see where the management company was put in a no-win situation here. It was indeed a policy at the apartment complex where I worked that nothing other than the blinds issued by the company when you rented the apartment were to be hanging in the windows. No blankets, sheets, towels, draperies, shades, or flags of any kind. The management may well WANT to allow that flag to be displayed. But if they don’t, and some jerk decides to follow that up by putting up a flag of Bart Simpson, the Confederacy, or some other country, you can bet that person would have the ACLU backing them up on a discrimination case shortly afterward.

Leona Dawnfire - 05/27/2010

True, it was against the management company’s policy (they implemented the policy in the first place). But the federal Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005 states no “condominium association, cooperative association, or residential real estate management association” may stop someone from flying the American flag. For some reason this law does not apply to renters, which seems to me to be an issue of the language used in the law. Everyone should be allowed to fly the American flag.

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