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Bill Makes it Illegal to Grow, Share, or Sell Your Own Food – But Mostly a General Rant 08/19/2010

Posted by Leona Dawnfire in Freedom, Government.
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The sheer arrogance and greed of the US federal government continues to shock and astound me and, I’m not hesitant to admit, anger me greatly.

Even the imperial British government did not withhold as many rights, take as much hard-earned money, or spy so intently upon the citizens of the colonies.

We broke off from the British Empire because we were not given the full rights as citizens.  We now have far fewer freedoms, far less independence, and we pay far too high a cost, all for supposed “security.”  Look at our borders.  Look at how not even the states themselves are being permitted to protect themselves.

Look at how you can’t properly protect yourself.  Look how you don’t really own your own property, nor even the money that you work hard to earn.

Nor even that backyard garden, apparently:

(fortunately, this bill seems to keep getting more and more of it struck out)



Is this what we wanted?  Where is our freedom?



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