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Ole Miss Fight Song Banned 11/12/2009

Posted by Leona Dawnfire in Freedom.
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The University’s chancellor has told the band to stop playing their fight song. Why? Because at the end of “From Dixie With Love,” some fans would chant, “The South will rise again!”

This same University has been trying to keep any sort of “racial” and pro-South things from happening. Examples are getting rid of their Colonel Rebel mascot and banning the Confederate flag from games.

In my opinion, I see this as a violation of free speech. What harm does the Confederate flag do? Or a phrase for the fans to chant? The South isn’t some tiger lying in wait, waiting to take over the North. If anything, the South is a symbol of the sleeping dragon that is the American people who want their freedom back from the government.

Is that what they are afraid of? Inciting a revolution with their chant?



Another First Amendment Fail – Cass Sunstein 07/16/2009

Posted by Leona Dawnfire in Government.
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As written in one of Hotonis’ posts, Cass Sunstein has been appointed as head of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs by Obama. This gives him full control of such agencies as the Environmental Protection Agency.

How is this (imperial) appointment of Sunstein a First Amendment fail?

One of his books reveals his view that what is said online should be “regulated” in order to keep bloggers, etc. under control. Essentially, he wants to keep people from saying what they believe online if it might offend someone, or, more likely, if the government does not agree.

If he gets his way, goodbye free speech.