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The Trouble with Light Bulbs 08/18/2009

Posted by Leona Dawnfire in Government.
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The United States government has been planning a transition from the use of incandescent light bulbs to fluorescent ones on the grounds that they are better for the environment.

My first problem with this is that the federal government is, once again, getting itself involved in capitalism. People should be able to choose what light bulbs they prefer based on price, efficiency, etc.

But beyond that, there’s the simple fact that fluorescent light bulbs are dangerous and not eco-friendly.

The new required light bulbs, for a start, are quite expensive. However, this is the least of its problems. Fluorescent lights are also hazardous because of the mercury in them.

If you break a fluorescent light bulb, you have to evacuate your home and sometimes have a rather costly clean-up. Also, and this is one of the greatest issues, fluorescent bulbs are dangerous to one’s health.

If one of these bulbs break and you don’t realize it, the level of mercury can quickly rise and spread throughout the house, causing symptoms first in pets and children, including brain damage. If your cat knocks over a lamp and you aren’t home, your cat could be dead by the time you get home. And young children are often knocking things over and breaking things – and then they touch things and stick their fingers in their mouths, etc…see the health hazard? It’s serious and potentially deadly.

The glare and flickering of fluorescent lighting is also a major problem. It can cause a great variety of symptoms, such as these. Headaches, allergies, diseases, irritability; and evidence has shown that fluorescent lightening can inhibit the development of the eyes and possibly even of the brain.

And this trade for dangerous light bulbs is likely for naught. The mercury from the bulbs will get into the environment and into groundwater anyway, and thus adversely affect the North American population accordingly.

Gee, you’d think the government was actually trying to harm the American people.

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