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White House Attacking Fox News 10/22/2009

Posted by Leona Dawnfire in Government, Obama.
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And I just have to say to Obama – STOP.


President Obama seems more concerned about Fox News not being “real news” because of the opinion shows than the war in Afghanistan. First off, Fox News does credible and quite reliable reporting. They do this for most of the day. Even the opinion shows are, actually, still news shows. They just pick and choose what news they talk about.

The “opinion” shows on Fox News are Geraldo at Large, the Glenn Beck Program, Greta, Hannity, Huckabee (just weekends), and the O’Reilly Factor. So that’s five opinion shows on a given weekday. Glenn Beck and Hannity are conservative. O’Reilly is moderate. Greta and Geraldo are liberal. Incredibly biased, right?

Actually…that’s really well balanced. MSNBC might want to take notes.

Oh, wait, the opinion anchors on MSNBC are taking notes in a closed-door, off-the-record briefing with Obama.

It isn’t American to punish those who disagree with you, and it’s just childish to give them the silent treatment as Obama is doing (he has refused to go on Fox News despite his love of being on camera). Besides, ever heard of the freedom of speech? If Glenn wants to point out the connections between ACORN and SEIU and Obama on his program, why can’t he? That isn’t even opinion – that’s fact. If Greta wants to point out flaws in the Health Care bill, why can’t she? Since when was credible research and reporting “not real news”?

Obama has a lot to do while he’s in office. Our economy is in the tank. American troops are all around the world, fighting and protecting freedom. And instead of concerning himself with the people losing their jobs and homes and the war in Afghanistan and the soldiers dying while he hesitates, he’s picked a new war with Fox News. And that is a war that he will lose.

Obama says that he isn’t losing sleep over his battle with Fox News. But all news organizations and everyone who watches/reads the news should be losing sleep. Why?

President Obama is showing a blatant disregard for freedom of speech, personal opinion, and opposing opinions – more specifically, anything that opposes what he wants to do. And as such, he is attempting to tighten his grip over the media. But Fox News fights against being controlled, and because of this, Obama has decided to try to discredit them. This won’t work. This was an ill-chosen battle.

Need I quote the first amendment?

“Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…”

The Federalist-dominated Congress of John Adams’ presidency passed the Sedition Act, a law disallowing any criticism or negative comment about the government and the president. To me, signing this act was John Adams’ greatest failure. Fortunately, the act expired, but the behavior of the the current administration makes me fear that they are headed in the same direction, with or without a law.

President Obama – stop being a child picking fights and be our commander-in-chief.