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Obama Snubs a King (and all of Norway) 12/10/2009

Posted by Leona Dawnfire in Obama.
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President Obama has turned down a dinner with King Harald V, didn’t visit his own exhibition in the Nobel Peace Center, didn’t go to a concert that was arranged in his honor, and even dissed a group of children who were to meet him in front of City Hall.

Norwegians (those giving him the Peace Prize) are shocked and angered by these snubs. Obama is breaking tradition in such a way as being (likely) the most rude winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in history. Some could try to pass it off as Obama simply not understanding European culture – but surely no one can buy that. He has people who know the culture advising him, and European culture is not so vastly different from American culture that it is entirely incomprehensible.

These actions are sheer arrogance.

President Obama is the way in which America is viewed by the rest of the world. He is our leader, thus, he (is supposed to) reflect the people. Obama has consistently showed himself to be mightier-than-thou, arrogant, rude, and, to put it simply, a lie. The Obama that the people elected was nothing more than a mask of hope – underneath, there’s just a boorish, self-centered man who has no idea how to even be a gentleman.

Is that how you want the world to view America?



Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize – Why? 10/09/2009

Posted by Leona Dawnfire in Obama.
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Obama is now the third sitting United States president to win the Nobel Peace Prize. But I really have to ask – why in the world did he win this? The nomination deadlines was February 1st – less than two weeks after Obama took office.

Obama has not DONE anything to bring about peace. He talks a lot about it though. He talks a great deal about disarming America and somehow bringing peace between America and Muslim nations. But that still doesn’t escape the fact that he hasn’t actually done anything, especially within his first two weeks! He won based on promises, not accomplishments.

Oh, well, I suppose I should give him credit where credit is due. He has greatly divided the nation by supporting powers for the government we don’t want to give them and bills that the people don’t want to have, and he has managed to triple the budget deficit to a record 1.4 trillion (and still has not done anything).

When I saw this this morning, I thought it had to be a sick joke.