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Bad News for the American Education System… 07/05/2010

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In a Marist College poll released on July 2nd, 26 percent failed to identify the nation the United States colonies fought to gain independence.

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Health Care Bill Vote to End the Filibuster 11/21/2009

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There are 58 Democrats in the Senate. There are also 2 Independents who tend to vote with the Democrats. 60 votes are needed to end the filibuster, which would lead to a vote for the Health Care Bill to pass it into law.

One of the Independents is certainly voting for the bill. The other Independent and one Democrat are questioning whether or not to vote for ending the filibuster.

The Health Care Bill the Senate is to vote on was only released on Wednesday the 18th. It is 2074 pages long. Who has read it?

Any vote for ending the filibuster is essentially a vote for the Health Care Bill because it continues to push the Bill forward. Thus, the federal government is two votes away from taking over our health care, insurance, and well-being. Do you trust the government with your life? With the lives of your children?

The Health Care Bill is a serious violation of our rights. The Bill is a huge overstep of the government’s power. Where in the Constitution does it say that the government can control our health care? Where does the Bill of Rights say that humans have an inherent right to health care insurance?

The Health Care Bill is unconstitutional, un-American, and downright wrong. This bill cannot become law. We expressed our displeasure at the townhall meetings. We expressed our desire to be heard at the Tea Parties. We have told them over and over, “You work for us!” We don’t want the Health Care Bill. It is bad for America. The federal government needs to stop treating us as inferior and realize that they are only there because of us. We can take away their power.

We should take away their power.

We have to take away their power.