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The “Science Czar’s” Terrifying Population Control Theories 07/16/2009

Posted by Leona Dawnfire in Government.
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In general, the Czars that Obama has been appointing are scaring me. However, upon reading recent articles about Obama’s Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, John Holdren, this “Science Czar” is scaring the hell out of me.

His population control theories are horrifying (not to mention amoral and unnecessary). First off, population control is not needed in America. Birth rates are down. The only reason for an increase in population is because of immigration, legal and illegal. Thus, why does any form of population control need to be considered?

John Holdren has radical and immoral ideas of how to keep population down. One is to harm large families through tax increases and withholding benefits and limiting education to two children per family. Also, to keep population down, he proposes that pregnant single women be forced to either get married or have an abortion.

An even more frightening idea is one that he admits cannot be done – with current technology and knowledge. If it can be done “safely,” he suggests considering contaminating water or food products with sterilizers.

Is someone who wants to sterilize people without their consent, force women to murder their unborn children, and punish large families a person we really want to have so much power?