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Victory – American Army Veteran Allowed to Keep Flag on Display 05/28/2010

Posted by Leona Dawnfire in Freedom.
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As more and more people across the nation joined in protesting the threat of eviction for displaying the American flag, American Army Veteran Charlie Price of Oshkosh, Wisconsin and officials at Midwest Realty Management struck an agreement that allows the veteran to continue displaying the American flag.



Flag@whitehouse.gov Shut Down! 08/17/2009

Posted by Leona Dawnfire in Freedom, Government, Health Care.
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In early August, the White House set up flag@whitehouse.gov as a “flag” service, where American citizens were expected to snitch on their neighbors, families, friends, and anything they saw online that was critical of Obama’s Health Care Plan.

This was a severe violation of the people’s Constitutional rights and was reminiscent of Nazi Germany, a time when children turned in their parents and teachers for disagreeing with Hitler. I was shocked at this horrifying move by the White House.

But we have gained a small victory! Flag@whitehouse.gov has been shut down by the White House. Apparently they realized that we are not a socialist dictatorship.

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